Arena Specifications

Floor Capacity: Dependent on configuration
Floor Dimensions: 156 feet x 205 feet
Dashers: No
Ice: No
Seating Capacity: 2500-7600
Capacity of Lobby: 633

Stage Height: 4, 5, or 6 feet
Section Size: 4 feet x 8 feet
Steps: 4 sections
Risers: 4 feet x 8 feet wide by 1 or 2 feet high

Load limit on Roof: 78,600 pounds
Load limit per Point: Variable
Description: No more than 6000 pounds vertical or 400 pounds horizontal applied to any single beam.
Floor to Steel: 45 feet
Floor to Roof Height: 60 feet
Scoreboards: Scoreboard center of house rises to 45 feet

Questions? Contact Jim Barbatti 573-651-2297

Large Locker Room: 2 with showers and fixtures (approximately 411 square foot each.)
Large Dressing Rooms: 1 with two bathrooms and one shower (283 square foot.)
Star Dressing Rooms: 2 with one bathroom and shower each (95 square foot each)
Production Room 1: 1 no bathroom or shower (142 square foot)
Production Room 2: 1 no bathroom or shower (98 square foot)

Service 1: 400 amps, 3 phase, 240 volts
Service 2: 200 amps, 3 phase, 240 volts
Service 3: 400 amps, 3 phase, 240 volts
Service 4: 200 amps, 3 phase, 240 volts
Separate Audio: Yes
Location: Northwest and Southwest Arena
Distance from Power to Stage:
House – West end stage 60 foot to center of stage
House – Center stage 115 foot to center of stage
House – South stage 97 foot to center of stage
Shore Power: 3/50 amps and 2/60 amps

Number of Spotlights: 6
Type: Strong Xenon Super Trouper
Position: 2 Front of house, 2 House left, 2 House right
Power for Alternate Position: Yes
House Sound and Light Position: Southeast corner / off of main floor
I-COM System: Clear Com
Cables and Distance: Varies

Incandescent: Programmable and dimmable lighting
Vapor: Programmable lighting

LED: Sport lighting (basketball)

Must make arrangements with Fire Marshall, Contact Jim Barbatti 573-651-2297

Permit: N/A
Water and Drain: Available

Number: 1
Capacity: 3500 pounds
Lift Height: 20 feet
Extension: Yes
Fuel: Propane
Extra Fuel on Premises: Yes

Trucks: As Necessary
Location: North Lot
Cars: 1500 (additional 1867 spots located nearby)
Security: Available upon request
Parking Passes: Not Applicable

Loading Docks (3)
2 Bed Level Bays: 7’10” Wide by 9’11” Tall
1 Drive-in Dock: 13’4” Wide by 13’4” Tall
Truck Ramp: Yes on Bed level docks
Distance to Stage
House – West end stage: 80 feet
House – Center stage: 175 feet
House – South stage 200 feet
Relationship to Stage:
House West end stage: Stage Left
House – Center stage: NW corner of Arena
House – South stage: NW corner of Arena

Ventilation: House HVAC
Washing Machine and Dryer: Available upon request
Soft Goods: Black
Camera Risers: Available
Smoking: Not permitted inside facility
Storage Area: Limited space available
Union: No
Exit Signs: Must remain lighted
Phone lines: Available upon request
Hi-speed Internet: Available upon request

Event Services

The Show Me Center provides a fantastic menu and options for your event.
*Please note that only an approved caterer may serve food at the Show Me Center, for any questions you may have concerning catering or an approved caterer listing, contact Tessa Bollinger at (573) 651-2297 or

Are you looking for a special place for your special event? The Show Me Center takes the same attention to detail and event preparation to your event as one of the concerts we host!
The Show Me Center’s meeting rooms offer fantastic flexibility. Their fold-away walls provide versatile space to accommodate groups from 10 to 200. With wall to wall carpeting, a built-in public address system, air conditioning and adjustable lighting, these rooms are the perfect location for meetings, receptions, banquets and seminars.

For any additional questions or reservation information contact Taylor Johnson (573) 651-2297 or

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